Sunday, July 16, 2006

One More Look.


The most Famous Video Clip ever...??
Could be.While watching the match I had never anticipated such an action from such a player.And that too in his last match.I have always watched senior members of our Cricket Team bieng the quietest and the most difficult to provoke(as if being calm and unpetrubed is in their genes).I know that this clip would have been seen by most of you as it has flashed throughout the week on all channels(yes,including ETv Bihar).
During the whole World Cup,my cable operator was not showing ESPN;the official broadcaster in India.He had 16 lacs due on the Star Group People.After much persuasion and repeated phone calls(and yeah,going to their office 5 times),the cablewallah finally showed the telecast through a Korean channel.But as the Cup came to a close the finals was shown on the National Channel(Doordarshan) and i was thrilled,yes,to hear english commentry again after a whole month of nothing but the soothing sound of korean commentators(just being sarcastic;actually the koreans dont talk,they purr.Ofcourse,they do.I had the volume at the minimum possible level just to hear the crowd).

Well,I won't be able to tell if this will be the most famous video clip or not,but this surely is the most famous(or infamous,in any case "famous" is somewhere in the word) head-butt ever.And another look won't hurt you at all.So,here it goes....
Officially,this has been a revelation of sorts for most Indians,there is another but(butt) whose spelling and meaning are a world apart.