Thursday, July 06, 2006

Italy's Redemption

One of the more thrilling matches of the tournament.I was up till three am in the morning.And was sincerely hoping that the match does not go to penalties.There could have been many reasons for me feeling like this but I've to confess the irresistible urge to sleep was the front runner.Yes,the not so good record of Italy at penalties and the very good record of Germany at it(won 17 of their 18 penalty games in World Cups) was one too.Excellent goal by Grosso-an unbelievable one from an unexpected player,that too a defender.And the Del Piero goal was a masterpiece in its own right.A redemption of sorts for Del Piero too?
Watching the news channels the next day, I saw sorrow for Germany's exit rather than jubilation for Italy's win.A surprising thing,that too, in a cricket mad nation as India.
This will be the first time since 1978 that either Germany or Brazil won't be participating in the finals. And a visible twelve year hop for Italy after the 1994 World Cup Finals(which coincidently they lost on penalties to Brazil).Visible because I do remember that World Cup and I hope most of you do too.Cheers for Italy!!!