Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Atlas Shrugged

For quite sometime now, I had been thinking of reading a book.Somebody told me about Ayn Rand and her book "The Fountainhead".I asked my mom about buying it but she told me that an earlier edition must be somewhere in the house.We searched for it but found the Atlas Shrugged by the same author instead.
I saw that the book belonged to my grandmother and was an 1957 edition with yellowing pages.It was quite thick ;about 1084 pages long.I had readied myself for reading a book but a book this lenghty made me think twice .Subsequently I dropped the idea.I started to read "Oliver's Story" by Eric Seagal.It was a small book,less than 230 pages.I had read "Love Story",the prequel to the book and so was quite familiar with the characters.I finished the book in 2 hrs flat.
Due to my tuitions and the football World Cup,I didn't have the the time to stick to one book for a long time.Soon,I forgot about the Atlas Shrugged.
But yesterday while cleaning my cupboard i came across the very yellow Atlas Shrugged again.this time I decided to read it.Brazil and England were both out of the world cup and my physics tuition teacher had gone to Germany to catch the finals.I had ample time.
After much brain storming I wasn't able to figure what the whole book was about.I read the back cover time again.It said

"Tremendous in scope,breathtaking in its suspense,Atlas Shrugged is unlike any other book you have ever read.It is a mystery story,not about the murde of a man's body, but about the murder-and rebirth-of man's spirit"