Sunday, July 16, 2006

One More Look.


The most Famous Video Clip ever...??
Could be.While watching the match I had never anticipated such an action from such a player.And that too in his last match.I have always watched senior members of our Cricket Team bieng the quietest and the most difficult to provoke(as if being calm and unpetrubed is in their genes).I know that this clip would have been seen by most of you as it has flashed throughout the week on all channels(yes,including ETv Bihar).
During the whole World Cup,my cable operator was not showing ESPN;the official broadcaster in India.He had 16 lacs due on the Star Group People.After much persuasion and repeated phone calls(and yeah,going to their office 5 times),the cablewallah finally showed the telecast through a Korean channel.But as the Cup came to a close the finals was shown on the National Channel(Doordarshan) and i was thrilled,yes,to hear english commentry again after a whole month of nothing but the soothing sound of korean commentators(just being sarcastic;actually the koreans dont talk,they purr.Ofcourse,they do.I had the volume at the minimum possible level just to hear the crowd).

Well,I won't be able to tell if this will be the most famous video clip or not,but this surely is the most famous(or infamous,in any case "famous" is somewhere in the word) head-butt ever.And another look won't hurt you at all.So,here it goes....
Officially,this has been a revelation of sorts for most Indians,there is another but(butt) whose spelling and meaning are a world apart.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Calvin and Hobbes

" A gas mask, a smoke grenade, and a helicopter, that's all I ask" - Calvin

Don't you love this little guy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Italy's Redemption

One of the more thrilling matches of the tournament.I was up till three am in the morning.And was sincerely hoping that the match does not go to penalties.There could have been many reasons for me feeling like this but I've to confess the irresistible urge to sleep was the front runner.Yes,the not so good record of Italy at penalties and the very good record of Germany at it(won 17 of their 18 penalty games in World Cups) was one too.Excellent goal by Grosso-an unbelievable one from an unexpected player,that too a defender.And the Del Piero goal was a masterpiece in its own right.A redemption of sorts for Del Piero too?
Watching the news channels the next day, I saw sorrow for Germany's exit rather than jubilation for Italy's win.A surprising thing,that too, in a cricket mad nation as India.
This will be the first time since 1978 that either Germany or Brazil won't be participating in the finals. And a visible twelve year hop for Italy after the 1994 World Cup Finals(which coincidently they lost on penalties to Brazil).Visible because I do remember that World Cup and I hope most of you do too.Cheers for Italy!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Atlas Shrugged

For quite sometime now, I had been thinking of reading a book.Somebody told me about Ayn Rand and her book "The Fountainhead".I asked my mom about buying it but she told me that an earlier edition must be somewhere in the house.We searched for it but found the Atlas Shrugged by the same author instead.
I saw that the book belonged to my grandmother and was an 1957 edition with yellowing pages.It was quite thick ;about 1084 pages long.I had readied myself for reading a book but a book this lenghty made me think twice .Subsequently I dropped the idea.I started to read "Oliver's Story" by Eric Seagal.It was a small book,less than 230 pages.I had read "Love Story",the prequel to the book and so was quite familiar with the characters.I finished the book in 2 hrs flat.
Due to my tuitions and the football World Cup,I didn't have the the time to stick to one book for a long time.Soon,I forgot about the Atlas Shrugged.
But yesterday while cleaning my cupboard i came across the very yellow Atlas Shrugged again.this time I decided to read it.Brazil and England were both out of the world cup and my physics tuition teacher had gone to Germany to catch the finals.I had ample time.
After much brain storming I wasn't able to figure what the whole book was about.I read the back cover time again.It said

"Tremendous in scope,breathtaking in its suspense,Atlas Shrugged is unlike any other book you have ever read.It is a mystery story,not about the murde of a man's body, but about the murder-and rebirth-of man's spirit"

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Excerpt taken from The Hindu 09/05/06 "In praise of individual genius"-Shekhar Nirmal talking about how winning and losing are pale in comparison with the works of incomparable individual genius.

One man with a mission(Michael Schumacher on sunday);the lone steely eyed warrior waging a courageous battle(Steve Waugh),half a million times,if you'll pardon the exaggeration); a solitary footballer doing a Nureyev on a football field, dancing his way past stunned opponents to slot the ball in the net (Diego Maradona, Mexico, 1986); the strongest willed sportsman of our times turning a bicycle into a symbol of immortalty, pedalling his way around death’s doors to explore new vistas in his own heart and soul (Lance Armstrong); a great, upright champion making the name of the oldest and the most celebrated tennis tournament in the world synonymous with his own.
Three years ago, in the cricket World Cup in South Africa, India put in a fine team performance to beat Pakistan yet again on the big stage. Everybody talked about the new Indian team spirit, as, of course, they are doing right now all over again.
But to a reductionist like me, on that day, whatever India achieved against Pakistan was made possible by the genius of one little man. An epic victory was built on the assault mounted by one man on the Pakistan’s fast bowlers.Sachin Tendulkar’s genius made all the difference. The rest are minor details.

My Own Ruddy Blog

It has been always intresting to read other people's blog and i always wanted one.I had been thinking of creating a blog for myself since i came to know about blogspot few months back.i hope the visitors at my blog would keep my enthusiasm high.

For my blog i'd really like to thank Prashant Agarwal(Chintoo) whose yahoo im gave me the idea of creating a blog.kudos to everybody visiting and posting on my blog.